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Using VWO Smart Code with jQuery

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The following use cases will help you determine which version of the VWO smart code you should add to the web pages you want to test:

  • Use the VWO jQuery code (default code) snippet if the webpage you want to test does not have jQuery 1.4.2.
  • Use the VWO code snippet without jQuery if your webpage already has jQuery version 1.4.2 or above till 2.x.x and make sure that jQuery is loaded before the VWO code. If the webpage has a higher version of jQuery, we recommended you to use VWO code with jQuery so VWO can load jQuery in a non-conflict mode.

Converting VWO jQuery Code Snippet into a Non-jQuery Code Snippet

To convert the VWO jQuery code snippet into a non-jQuery code snippet, change the following in your VWO smart code:

  • For asynchronous (async) code, set use_existing_jquery to true.
  • For synchronous (sync) code, change vis_opt.js to vis_opt_no_jquery.js.

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