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Types of Tests You Can Create Using VWO

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Using VWO, you can create the following tests to optimize your website’s conversion rate and increase sales:

  • A/B: Create two or more variations of your website by changing the headline, button, image, or any other elements in a webpage. After you create your website variations, VWO divides your website traffic among all variations to help you find out the one with the best conversion rate.
  • Multivariate: Modify multiple elements across your website pages and test the variations simultaneously. After you implement all changes across your website, VWO combines all the changes you make and generate resulting designs automatically. Test each element you modified to find the most optimal design.
  • Split URL: Test multiple versions of your website hosted on different URLs by splitting traffic among each version. Track test reports to determine the version that gets you maximum conversions. VWO only splits the traffic between previously hosted URLs for variations. You will not be able to implement any changes inside VWO.
  • Personalization (Geo-behavioral targeting): Personalize your website content for specific visitor groups based on visitor behavior, demography, and other parameters. With over 15 targeting options, you can get started with a personalized marketing test for your niche market and audience groups.
  • Website Review: Collect feedback and improvement ideas for your website from users across the globe. Develop your own questionnaire or create a poll to help you identify design issues and get anonymous feedback from users.
  • Heatmaps & Clickmaps: Generate a visual report of your website to determine the most clicked sections of a webpage. Helps you improve the usability of your website by generating heatmap reports to understand which section attracts maximum visitors and which section gets ignored.
  • Conversion Tracking: Measure the performance of your website by tracking conversion goals.
  • On-page Survey: Display the survey pop-up to the visitors on the webpage, and collect their valuable feedback in the form of multiple choice questions/rating, and so on.

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