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Troubleshooting: Test Pages Recording Uneven Visitor Data

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Problem Statement:

VWO test reports shows different visitor data as compared to my website analytics tool.

Resolutions Steps

For JavaScript issues:

  1. The JS code you have entered in the test pages is not executing correctly. If there is an error in the JS code, VWO does not count the visitors on the test variations.
  2. There can be a situation where JS code does not fire successfully due to some page- or browser-specific reasons. This leads to less visitors being tracked for that test.

For error in variation targeting

Please ensure that you have defined targeting and segmentation for the variations appropriately. Inappropriate segmentation on variations can give you misleading reports on the test.

For Split URL test

The difference in the reports for a Split URL test could be due to a number of factors. For example, if a 404 error message is returned, this implies that the page you are running the test on is down and not accessible to the visitors. Look out for such errors, and keep the following pointers in mind for uniformity in reports:

  1. VWO code should be present on the Variation URL.
  2. Make sure that VWO code is not installed through a tag manager. Also, if the VWO code is installed at the bottom of the page, it can lead to less visits being tracked.
  3. Cross-Domain Tracking needs to be enabled if the Variation URL is on a different domain.
  4. The Variation URL you have specified in the test should not redirect to another URL. Otherwise, a visit to the variation will not be counted, since the page redirects to another page that has not been defined in the variation URL of the test.
  5. If query parameters are defined in both control and variation URL, then the variation URL needs to have an asterisk at the end to incorporate the query parameters of Control.For example, you may have the following setup for Control and Variation URLs:
    • Control:
    • Variation:

    In VWO tests, you need to define the URLs as shown below. Asterisk at the end of Variation URL will take care of the further query parameters which are added when a visitor lands on Variation URL.

    • Control – URL matches:
    • Variation – URL matches pattern:*

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