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Targeting Variations to Visitor Segment

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By using VWO, you can target specific visitor groups through different variations of the test. Targeting a visitor segment through variations helps you customize the content offerings to a specific group of your website visitors. Use this feature to ensure that only visitors who qualify per the segment conditions are able to access a specific variation.

For example, you can create a variation with custom promotional offers for visitors accessing your website from a specific location, or a certain hour of the day, and so on.

ATTENTION Targeting variations to a segment is supported only for the Personalization and Split URL test. If you have set variation-level targeting, the traffic percentage will apply only after the segmentation rules. For example, if you have targeted Control for desktop visitors and Variation for mobile users, your website visitors will access the respective version per the segmentation rules applied and not per the traffic percentage set for each variation.

Targeting Visitor Segment for Personalization Tests

  1. To target variations to a specific audience segment, create a Personalization test by using VWO.
  2. In the Editor window, select the variation you want to target, click Settings > Target.
  3. Select the appropriate targeting conditions for the variation. To learn how to define a custom visitor segment, click here.

Targeting Visitor Segment for Split URL Tests

  1. On the Finalize screen (last step) of the test creation process, go to the Advanced Options section.
  2. Select the Target variations to segments option.
  3. Click the Edit icon against the variation you want to target.
  4. In the Variation Targeting window, select the targeting option you want to apply. To learn how to create custom segments, click here.

Updating Variations Targets for a Test

You can target variations for a test from the Settings section. However, as a best practice, do not change the settings if the test is already started. Changing the target settings will skew the reports collected for the variation.

  1. Select Settings, and then click Others.
  2. Under Targets, select the variation you want to edit, and then click All Visitors to select the targeting option you want to apply. You can select from the given options or create a custom segment.
  3. To define your own visitor segment, click Custom. To learn how to create custom segments, click here.

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