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Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) Integration

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Integration of Adobe Analytics with VWO can be done by importing VWO campaign data into your Adobe Analytics account. 

To do so, designate a Custom Conversion variable in Adobe Analytics as your optimization tracking variable and add the code snippets as specified below in the doPlugins section of your s_code.js file.

Note: Make sure VWO smart code snippet is added before s_code.js on your page

Integration using VWO Synchronous Code

Using Synchronous code, you can push data from multiple VWO campaigns to different custom variables.

Here's the code snippet for pushing data from multiple VWO campaigns to different custom variables (eVar):

var _vis_opt_queue = window._vis_opt_queue || [], _vis_counter = 0;
_vis_opt_queue.push(function() {
    try {
        if(!_vis_counter) {
            var _vis_data = {},_vis_combination,_vis_id,_vis_l=0;
            for(;_vis_l<_vwo_exp_ids.length;_vis_l++) {
                _vis_id = _vwo_exp_ids[_vis_l]; // test id
                if(_vwo_exp[_vis_id].ready) {
                    _vis_combination = _vis_opt_readCookie('_vis_opt_exp_'+_vis_id+'_combi');
                    if(typeof(_vwo_exp[_vis_id].combination_chosen) != "undefined")
                        _vis_combination = _vwo_exp[_vis_id].combination_chosen;
                    if(typeof(_vwo_exp[_vis_id].comb_n[_vis_combination]) != "undefined") {
                                    switch (_vis_id) { //_vis_id is the test id
                                       case 1: s.eVar55 = _vis_id + ":" + _vwo_exp[_vis_id].comb_n[_vis_combination];    break;                                                                                                                           
                                        case 2: s.eVar56 = _vis_id + ":" + _vwo_exp[_vis_id].comb_n[_vis_combination]; break;
                                        default: s.eVar55 = _vis_id + ":" + _vwo_exp[_vis_id].comb_n[_vis_combination]; break;
    catch(err) {};
Note: "Case 1" and "case 2" in this code represent the campaign IDs for which you want to collect data. Once the code executes, the data for the variation combinations corresponding to the respective campaigns starts collecting. 


If you have deployed Adobe Analytics using Adobe DTM and used their automatic configuration, it will allow DTM to manage the AppMeasurement code, so the `s_code.js` file won't be created.  But DTM provides the option to customize the page code, wherein you can enter the Javascript calls.

Integration using Asynchronous VWO code

Integrating Adobe Analytics using the Asynchronous VWO code requires extra calls to be made to the Adobe Analytics servers because it involves events to update the servers.

So you need to place a code snippet below the s_code.js file on the page.

Here's the Asynchronous code to push data from multiple campaigns into different custom variables (eVar):

<script type="text/javascript">
var _vis_opt_queue = window._vis_opt_queue || [], _vis_counter = 0;
_vis_opt_queue.push(function () {
    try {
        if (!_vis_counter) {
            var _vis_data = "", _vis_combination;
            _vis_combination = _vis_opt_readCookie('_vis_opt_exp_' + _vis_opt_experiment_id + '_combi');
            if (typeof (_vwo_exp[_vis_opt_experiment_id].combination_chosen) != "undefined") _vis_combination = _vwo_exp[_vis_opt_experiment_id].combination_chosen;
            if (typeof (_vwo_exp[_vis_opt_experiment_id].comb_n[_vis_combination]) != "undefined") {
                _vis_data = 'VWO-' + _vis_opt_experiment_id + ':' + _vis_opt_comb_name[_vis_combination];
                _vis_counter = 1;
            if (_vis_counter && _vis_data != "") {
                var s = s_gi(window.s.account || s_account);
                s.linkTrackEvents = "None";
                switch (_vis_opt_experiment_id) {
 Case 1: 
                s.linkTrackVars = 'eVar55';
                s.eVar55 = _vis_data;
      , 'o', 'VWO Tracking'); break;
Case 2: 
                s.linkTrackVars = 'eVar56';
                s.eVar56 = _vis_data;
      , 'o', 'VWO Tracking');break;
                s.linkTrackVars = 'eVar66';
                s.eVar66 = _vis_data;
      , 'o', 'VWO Tracking');break;
    } catch (err) {};
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