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Manual Campaign Activation

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Manual campaign activation option allows you to control the activation of your testing campaigns based on custom conditions. By default, all campaigns are activated as soon as website visitors land on the URL where the test is running and also qualify for the target conditions. Using the manual activation option, you can choose to trigger a campaign using custom conditions defined in your website code.

You can enable manual activation from the last step of the test creation process, under Advanced Options.

  1. Select Manual Campaign Activation option and copy the code snippet.
  2. Use the snippet in your website code to manually activate the test based on the custom condition.


The following code snippets will enable to configure manual trigger for a single and multiple campaigns.

Use-case scenarios for using manual activation

  1. You want to test a change on a modal which appears on a click or any defined condition.
  2. Run test on elements which appear below a certain scroll-depth.
  3. Test an element which appears on a page based on a condition.

Points to note:

  1. We do not recommend changing the activation mode once the test is live and running. If you change the mode, your returning visitors may not see the campaign changes unless they meet the condition of the manual trigger.
  2. For manually activated campaigns, the ‘track page visits’ goal will work only if the manual code snippet is added to the goal page as well.
  3. Manual activation may cause some flicker if not setup properly. We recommend activating the campaign at the start of the triggering event.

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