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JavaScript Code Snippets for Standard VWO Editor operations

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For every action you perform inside VWO Editor, it generates a JavaScript code snippet. You can modify the generated code snippet to implement changes to the element.editor-57

The following table lists the actions and corresponding code snippets:

Operation JavaScript Code Generated
Move vwo_$(‘elementPath’).vwoCss({“height”:”78px !important”,”width”:”173px !important”,”top”:”147px !important”,”left”:”21px !important”,”zIndex”:”auto !important”,”position”:”relative !important”,”display”:”inline-block !important”});
Show/Hide (Visibility) vwo_$(‘elementPath’).vwoCss({“visibility”:”hidden !important”});
Remove vwo_$(‘elementPath’).vwoCss({“display”:”none !important”});
Change Image vwo_$(“elementPath”).vwoCss({“img”:”/url/path !important”});
Change URLs vwo_$(‘anchorPath’).attr({ “src’: ‘/new/path” });
Change CSS (Styling) vwo_$(‘elementPath’).vwoCss({‘property1’: value1, ‘property2’: value2.. !important});
Content (Edit) vwo_$(‘elementPath’).html(“Content to put”);
Content (Edit HTML) vwo_$(‘elementPath’).replaceWith(“<div>Dummy HTML</div>”);
Change Background Image vwo_$(‘elementPath’).vwoCss({“background-image”: “url(/images/vwo_logo.png) !important”});
Paste (Before An Element) vwo_$(‘elementPath’).before(“<div>Dummy Existing Element to Paste</div>”);
Paste (After An Element) vwo_$(‘elementPath’).after(“<div>Dummy Existing Element to Paste</div>”);
vwo_$("elementPath").each(function () {
var destP = vwo_$("#Id-prod-buy-outer"),
dest = destP.nonEmptyContents().eq(1);
if (dest.length)
Custom Code to Remove An Element from Your DOM



var dev = ‘’;



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