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Integrating VWO with CallTrackingMetrics

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CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) provides advertising agencies and businesses with the data and tools they need to understand which ads are driving phone calls and what is happening to the calls when these hit their call centers. CallTrackingMetrics allows you to track online and offline advertising campaigns and provides advanced routing capabilities for call center operations.

VWO integration with CTM allows you to track phone call data on the pages where you are running VWO tests. With the integration, you can view running tests and variations in the call log, or track goals by sending CTM conversions into VWO by using triggers. You can send any conversion metrics defined in CTM into VWO and then update your goal reports.

To set up the integration:

  1. Install the CTM JavaScript code on your website.
  2. On the CTM dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > VWO.
  3. To send conversion events into VWO for inbound calls, turn ON the Send conversion events option.

In VWO, create a test with the Track Custom Conversion on goal, and then the CTM starts tracking the test and variation that your visitors become a part of. Please note that you don’t need to install the custom conversion goal code snippet for CTM to work.

On the CTM dashboard, go to the Integrations page, and then click Go To Triggers. To create a new trigger, go to Calls > Triggers.

  1. To trigger the call and then specify any rules you want to set, select When.
  2. Click Add Action, and then select VWO Conversion.
  3. To start sending conversion events, enter Goal ID (of the custom conversion goal) and Campaign ID.

Viewing Reports

On the CTM dashboard, you can attach VWO session data with the calls helping you identify which caller is participating in which VWO test. You can define the criteria for conversions and should be able to view the calls by the VWO test and variations on the CTM Reporting screen.

In VWO, integrating your CallTrackingMetrics account with VWO allows you to understand which variations are driving calls and ultimately the conversions.

In the above example, Variation1 registered more number of calls copared to the control. To view a sample report, click here for the campaign and variation data.

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