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Installation Guide: Install VWO Cartridge on the Demandware sandbox

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The end-to-end process for installing and configuring VWO cartridge involves the following steps:

  • Install VWO Cartridge
  • Assign the VWO cartridge to your website
  • Create site preferences
  • Add Custom Code

Install VWO Cartridge

  1. Download on your local computer and extract the files.
  2. Open Demandware Studio.
  3. To import the cartridge, navigate to File > Import.
  4. Click the General drop-down, and then select Existing Projects into Workspace.demandwarecartridge
  5. In the Existing Projects into Workspace window, select int_vwo_plugin.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. To link the cartridge to the sandbox, click OK.

Assign the VWO cartridge to your website

  1. Log on to Business Manager.
  2. Click Sites, and then select Manage Sites.
  3. Select your site, and then click the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Cartridges field, and then add “int_vwo_plugin:” to the left of what is already present.
  5. Click Apply.

Create site preferences

  1. Click Business Manager, and then select Administration > Site Development.
  2. Scroll down to Import and Export Files, and then click Upload.
  3. Select vwo_meta.xml.
  4. Click Import, and then select vwo_meta.xml. The VWO cartridge is added to your Demandware platform.
  5. You can now integrate your website to push data to VWO. To learn how to integrate VWO with Demandware, click here.

Adding Custom Code

VWO Header: Paste the following code sample in the components/header/htmlhead.isml template file (Line 61).

<isinclude template="vwo/vwo_enabled"/>


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