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Importing/Retaining setup when moving from Web Testing to Conversion Optimization Platform

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When you move from Web Testing to Conversion optimization Platform there is absolutely no change needed in your VWO tracking code. There are a few other things that you can import from your Web Testing setup

Conversion Tracking Campaigns

  • In the newer Conversion Optimization Platform, the Conversion Tracking campaign has been replaced with the ability to Track Goals in an always on mode. To learn more about creating Goals refer to documentation here.
  • If you had created any conversion tracking campaigns in Web Testing product, they will be paused when you move to Conversion Optimization platform. We will not delete the data already collected in any of these campaigns and will be available for your reference.

Importing Goals

Conversion Optimization Platform provides you the ability to track goals in two different ways

  • Always on Goals in Track – You can now track your Website goals in an always on mode to better baseline and understand your conversion rate. “Goals” under “Track” provide this capability. Read more on how to create Goals
  • Goals on an individual Test level – Like in Web Testing you can continue to create Goals in an individual Test to track how visitors becoming part of that test convert on your website

To get you started quickly on Conversion Optimization platform, we have provided the ability to import your frequently used Test Goals from Web Testing into Goals in Track for the new platform. This can be done through the Onboarding and Setup of the new platform

Classic vs Advanced Heatmaps

Conversion optimization platform provides advanced Heatmaps and Scrollmaps that are always on and enable better analysis of your click and scroll data. When you move from Web Testing to Conversion optimization platform the following would happen with your existing heatmaps

  • Existing Heatmap campaigns in Testing
    • All your existing Heatmap campaigns would be paused and moved under “Classic” tab
    • All your data collected in these campaigns will be retained and available for future reference
    • You cannot restart or collect any further data in these campaigns
    • Note: If you have tried heatmaps in any of our past public beta, they would be moved under the classic tab and their data will be retained as per the data retention policy communicated to you in the beta program
  • Advanced Heatmaps
    • The new Heatmaps and scrollmaps are always on and can be turned on with a single action. Read more about using the new heatmaps here.


When you move to Conversion optimization platform there will be no change in how Tests are create and run. All your running tests will continue as is and the change will be almost seamless. Additionally you will see the benefits of unique visitor quota consumption in your Tests. To understand more about how we account for Tested visitors in the new platform see Pricing and Usage

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