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How to View Heatmaps for Multiple Pages

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When you open a heatmap, you see that visitor clicks are plotted on the map for the URL where the heatmap is running. Using the VWO heatmap tool, you can view the combined heatmap of all URLs where the test is running, as a single report.

  • View heatmaps for multiple URLs with the same pattern
  • View heatmaps for all pages

View Heatmaps for Multiple URLs with the Same Pattern

You can view a consolidated heatmap running on multiple pages on your website, using a page pattern. You can create a URL pattern that matches multiple pages of your website by substituting variable parts of the URL with the wildcard * or an asterisk. The wildcard * matches any part of the URL (including blanks). It can be done by performing the following actions:

  1. Open the relevant heatmap you want to analyze.
  2. On the heatmap menu bar at the bottom, select URL matches pattern from the list.
  3. Provide the pattern of the URLs for which you want to see the heatmap and then click Go. To learn how to define page patterns using wildcard, click here. troubleshooting-2

View Heatmaps for All Pages

You can view consolidated heatmaps of all pages of your website, regardless of whether they share a pattern or not.

  1. Open the heatmap from the campaign page.
  2. On the heatmap page, select URL matches pattern from the list.
  3. To plot the heatmap for the all the pages running under the campaign, provide the URL pattern as * and then click Go.troubleshooting-3
    ATTENTION When you load a combined heatmap, the report shows the element clicks on the default URL. These clicks are common to other pages where the campaign is running (such as navigation bar, footer, and so on). For heatmaps created as part of a test, the maximum number of clicks that can be plotted on the heatmap report is 100k. However, there is no limit to the number of clicks plotted on standalone Heatmaps created under Analyze layer for visitor research.

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