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How to Verify Test Goals Setup Using Live Previews

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When reviewing VWO tests in your account, sometimes you may feel the need to check the goals associated with each test. The Preview option offers a convenient way to check and validate your goals quickly without the need to dig through the test settings.

  1. From the VWO dashboard, select the test you want to preview.
  2. On the details page, select the Preview tab.
  3. Select the variation you want to preview and then click Preview Nowpreview
  4. In the Preview Mode pop-up, a message is displayed if the goal is triggered for the test.

Please note that preview debuggers might not display the message at times if it is a redirection page. In such situations, you can verify the goals with the help of cookies.

For the Preview mode, VWO stores the cookies with “debug” value in front, like debug_vis_opt_exp_14_combi.

To learn how to check cookies of Google Chrome, click here.

Here are the steps to check the messages in preview debugger and the cookies.

  1. Right-click the web-page.
  2. Select Inspect. A panel opens on the right side or at the bottom of the page. inspect
  3. Select Application > Storage > Cookies. cookies
ATTENTION The preview debugger is not displayed if the code snippet does not execute correctly on the page.
PRO-TIP To quickly check cookies of your Chrome browser, install a plug-in called EditThisCookie.

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