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How to Use the VWO Funnels Dashboard 

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From the VWO Funnels dashboard, you can manage and track the progress of all your funnels. To view the reports data collected and settings, click the specific funnel from the dashboard. To learn how to interpret funnel reports, click here.

To access the Funnels dashboard, select Track, and then click Funnels from the VWO dashboard menu.


  • Stick (Pin) your favorite funnel: You can pin the most important or frequented funnels to the dashboard so they remain at the top of the list. This allows you to access the most important funnels without having to browse through the list of all funnels.
  • Filter Funnels: You can filter funnels based on their status or labels you have assigned to the funnels while creating.
    • By Funnel state (Active, Archived, and Trashed)
    • By Name
    • By Label
    • By State (Not Started, Paused, and Running)

Edit or Delete Funnels

All the funnels that you have created are listed on the Funnels dashboard under Track. Select the particular funnel you want to edit from the list.


  1. On the funnel details section, click the Settings tab.
  2. To archive, trash or clone the goal, navigate to the upper right hand section of the window and select the specific action you want to perform:
    • Email: Use this option to email link for accessing the goal to other collaborators.
    • Print: Take a print out of the goal reports.
    • Clone: Replicate the goal when you have to create another similar goal. In situations where you need minimal changes to a goal, you can simply clone the goal and make the required changes to save time and effort. The cloned goal will have a new ID.
    • Archive:  Remove the goal from the dashboard list but does not delete the goal. It will continue to exist but will not clutter your Goals dashboard and you can easily access it in the future if needed.
    • Trash: Remove the goal and move it to the temporarily storage. Trashed items will not be accessible after a certain period of time.
    • Flush Data: Clear all data collected for the goal. You can use this feature to make changes to an existing goal that already has some data. You can run the goal fresh again after flushing the data.

To learn about how to create new goals, click here.

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