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How to Use a VWO Test Dashboard

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Deriving meaningful insights from your test and applying them to improve your website’s conversion rate is the ultimate objective of your test. The test dashboards are where you create, edit, and manage the different types of tests in VWO. The dashboards looks and functions similarly across all the test-types.

In this article, let’s pick the A/B test dashboard to understand how you can use a VWO test dashboard. On the A/B Tests dashboard, you can perform the following actions:

  • Creating a new test
  • Filtering and searching for tests
  • Archive, Delete, Start, Pause Tests

To access the A/B Tests dashboard, click A/B under Test on the navigation bar. You will find all your A/B tests listed here.ab-dashboard1

On the dashboard, the test tiles show which stage of the creation process a test is in. After a test starts, the tile displays the number of visitors, number of combinations, conversions, and so on.

Creating a New Test

To create a new test, in the upper-right corner, click Create. To learn more on how to create a new A/B test, click here.

Filtering and Searching for Tests


Filter your tests using the following filtering options:

Filters list:

  • All: Shows all tests. This filter is selected by default.
  • Active: Shows active tests.
  • Archived: Shows archived tests.
  • Trashed: Shows deleted tests.

Filter By Status check boxes

  • Draft
  • Not started
  • Paused
  • Running

Filter By Label: Show tests tagged with a specific label.

Search for tests using Find a Campaign.

Archive, Delete, Start, Pause Tests

Deleting a test removes it permanently from VWO. To delete a test, select it from the list and then click Delete on the toolbar. ab-dashboard4

  • To archive a test, select it from the list and then click Archive on the toolbar. Archiving a test removes it from the dashboard, but you can still access it.
  • To start a test, select the test from the list and then click Start on the toolbar.
  • To pause a test, select the test from the list and then click Pause on the toolbar.

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