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How to Track Offline Phone Calls By Using VWO

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By integrating VWO with the call tracking system of your organization, you can track the conversion rate of your inbound calls in VWO reports. Tracking your offline phone calls helps you connect your phone numbers with VWO tests and determine which variation gets you more calls.

ATTENTION On using this method, the conversion goal will fire every time the goal URL is visited or the conversion event takes place, because it is not based on cookies. Therefore, use this method only if you can handle the unique conversion criteria at your end; otherwise it could lead to serious data discrepancy issues.

Consider that you create a VWO test and display a different phone number on each variation of your test pages. Based on the number of calls you receive, you can determine which variation gets you the maximum phone conversions.

PRO-TIP To track the phone conversion rate, use a different phone number for each variation of your test page.

Follow these steps to set up a call tracking test in VWO:

  1. Create an A/B test with the old primary number as the control and the new toll-free number as the variation. Make sure that the control and variations have the phone numbers you want to test.
  2. Select custom conversion goal for the test. Because the goal of the test is to track offline calls and the users do not perform any action on the webpage, select URL contains as the URL type and type test information (you can enter any information, for example, “call tracking test”):


After you create the test, configure the phone tracking system to send http requests to the VWO server for every calls registered in the system. On receiving a request from the phone tracking system, VWO will record a conversion for every call and sends the http request to the VWO server in the following format:

http: // ID&ACCOUNT_ID=xx&GOAL_ID=Goal_id&COMBINATION=1&random=<Enter Any Random Number Here>&offline=1


    • Campaign_ID: You can find the campaign ID by clicking the appropriate test on the dashboard. Click Campaigns > Settings and then go to the Summary tab of the application.
    • account_id: Your VWO account ID. Click Campaigns, Settings, and then go to the Summary tab of the application.trackofflinecalls-2
    • goal_id: Custom conversion goal ID of the goal you created in step 2. Select Settings and then click the Summary option. Scroll down to the custom conversion goal code section to view the goal ID. Click Campaigns, Settings, and then go to the Summary tab of the application.trackofflinecalls-3
    • combination: Keeps track of the webpage versions involved in the test. The value 1 is for control, 2 for variation1, 3 for variation2, and so on. Click Campaigns, Settings, and then go to the Summary tab of the application.trackofflinecalls-4
    • random: The number should be a randomly generated number for every call to avoid caching.

After you configure the phone tracking system, VWO tracks and records all your inbound calls on the Reports page. You can analyze VWO reports data to determine the variation that gets you maximum conversions.

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