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How to Run Multiple Tests on the Same Page

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When multiple A/B tests are running on the same page simultaneously, a visitor will become part of all the tests when he lands on the URL. However, we do not recommend you to set up changes on the same element in multiple tests. When multiple changes are being tested on the same element simultaneously, VWO will have two (or more) conflicting operations applied on the same element. A single user information will be recorded for different goals and might skew the test results. Running multiple tests on the same element can also cause conflicts in the applied changes on the live site.

As long as you are running multiple A/B test tests to test different elements in each test then there should not be any issues. However, the results might not be statistically correct. For example, test #1, variation A will display results according to what happens if you deploy variation A if test #2 continues forever. Similarly, data from test #2 will display results according to what happens if test #1 continues forever. A multivariate test might be more useful in this case.

Multiple Split URL test on the same control URL

Running multiple split URL tests on the same control URL simultaneously will cause conflicts as each test will redirect visitors to different variation URLs at the same time. When the same user is being redirected to different variation URLs, the user data may be recorded for multiple scenarios and result in skewed reports.


  • We do not recommend running a split URL test and A/B test on same URL at same time, as it might create issues since the Split URL test will try to redirect user to variation URL while the A/B test would show variation only on control URL. This will cause discrepancy in the data collected in either of the tests and only result in wastage of visitor quota.
  • We do not recommend running multiple split tests or a combination of A/B test and Split URL test on the control URL of your website. Running multiple tests on a control URL causes conflict while executing the test. VWO will send all the test settings during page load so there are chances that user might become part of only one test depending upon the split URL test settings that are received first.

Please reach out to VWO support for any assistance on setting up multiple tests on a single page.

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