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How to Preview Changes for a Test

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Previewing variations before starting a test helps to ensure that the variations reflect the changes you want to implement. You can verify that variations do not contain broken links or sections and are working as expected for your website visitors.

For example, consider that you have created a test that targets users from a specific geographic location. The Previews option allows you to load the test pages as it would load for the targeted visitor segment and simulate the experience, allowing you to ensure that the test is implemented correctly for targeted visitors.

  • To preview your variations for your A/B test, click A/B under Test on the navigation menu and select the test that contains the variation you want to preview. Similarly, you can preview any est by clicking on the specific test type.ab-preview1
  • On the test summary page, click Previews.ab-preview2

Variations Preview

Using Previews option, you can select to view the test variations live on your website or screenshots of the test pages.

Live Previews

Live previews allow you to simulate the variation by loading it the same way as it would load for your visitors in their browsers. From the drop-down list, select the variation you want to preview and then click Preview Now. To preview random variations picked up by VWO, select Random.ab-preview3

The preview opens in a modal. Inside the modal, in the lower-right corner, you will see a preview widget that allows you to change variations or view test details.ab-preview4

Under Advanced Options, you can further customize your live previews by simulating target segments and traffic you have defined in the original test.

ATTENTION Advanced options are not available if you are self-hosting the JavaScript files for the tests. To know how to host the JavaScript files on your own server, click here.

  • Open Preview in a New Window: Select this option to open the live preview in a new window of your browser. This option is useful if your website has iframe breaker or any other issues when opening inside an iframe.
  • Simulate a Visitor Segment in Previews: Select this option to test if the test is displaying correctly for the targeted visitor segment.
  • Segment set for variations: If you have defined visitor segments for each variation in the test pages, use this option to verify if the segments are implemented correctly.
  • Simulate traffic percentage defined for the campaign: Select this option to verify if the traffic percentage is distributed as defined in your test.
  • Simulate traffic distribution defined for all variations: Verify if the traffic allocation for each variation is implemented correctly on the test pages.

Screenshots Previews

Previewing screenshots allows you to view VWO-generated screenshots for the test variations. The screenshots of all variations you created for the test are displayed as thumbnails. Click the variation you want to preview.ab-preview6

You can also preview screenshots for variations on different Browsers from the preview panel. To preview how your variation will look in different browsers.

  • Select the variation you want to preview from the Screenshot of drop-down list.
  • Select the browser On which you want to view the screenshot. Depending on the server load, the screenshot may take a few seconds to generate.
  • You can copy the direct preview link or Email screenshot link with your colleagues from the preview panel.ab-preview7

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