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How to Personalize Tests

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VWO Personalization allows you to decide which visitor group can see a particular variation of your website. It is used for targeted tests that requires personalized content for a specific user group, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience with your website. You can create personalize tests based on the user location, the device used by the visitors, new or unique visitors, and so on.


For example, consider that most of your customers are spread across Europe and North America. You want to create a promotional offer for your European customers only. With VWO personalization, you can create a variation for the promotional offer that will only be visible to the traffic originating from the Europe region.

To get started, click Personalization under Target on the navigation menu. Next, in the upper-right corner of the dashboard, click Create.


Setting Up Pages You Want to Personalize

To set up the test, you can start by entering a title for the test by clicking on the pencil icon against New Campaign. Then, enter the URLs and configure advanced options.

  • Specify the URL of the pages where you want to run the test. You can use URL patterns and regular expressions to run tests site-wide and on multiple pages. personalization-url 
    PRO-TIP Click the Advanced tab next to the URL field to include or exclude URLs from the test. Using this tab, you can also define advanced pattern-matching options to include either a broad URL with wildcard entries or a specific URL.
  • More Options allows you to configure the following advanced settings for the test. personalization-more-options
    • Open in Code-only Mode: Select this option if you want to code the changes instead of making them using VWO Visual Editor. To learn more, click here.
    • Load campaign pages on a mobile device: Enable the option if you have a mobile or a responsive website and want to load VWO Editor in a simulated mobile view. To learn more, click here.
    • Enable test for a specific visitor group: Enable the option if you want to target specific visitor segments. You can target these visitors per different metrics such as geographical location, user device, and other user behaviors. To learn more, click here.
  • Click Next to proceed. VWO Visual Editor appears. ab-6
  • Using VWO Visual Editor, modify your test pages and create different variations of the web pages to test. Click here to know the features and functions in VWO Visual Editor.
  • On the next screen, specify the visitor segment you want to target for each variation in the test. Click here to know how to target variations to visitor segment. personalization-segment
  • On the Conversion Goals screen, define what user action you want to track on the pages where you are running the test. Click here to know how to define goals for a test. Click here to know more about the types of conversion goals in VWO and how they work. personalization-goals
  • Click Next to finalize the test.
  • On the screen for setting up advanced options screen, perform the following steps: personalization-finalize
  • Enter name, description, and labels for the test.
  • Specify traffic percentage you want to include the test.
  • Enable heatmap to generate a visual report on the most clicked or ignored sections of your test pages.
  • Enable integration with third party tools.
  • Under the Advanced Options section, you can personalize your test further.
    • Enable scheduling to run, pause, or stop your test at specific times..
    • Enable multiple domains tracking if your test involves multiple domains and you want to track conversions across the domains. Click here to know how to run a test across multiple domains.
    • You can split your website traffic among the different variations you created for the test. Splitting visitor traffic across variations ensures that all the variations you created are proportionately tested.
    • Enable the self-host option if you want to host the JavaScript files on your own server. Click here to know how to host your JavaScript files on your server.
    • Enable report segmentation to generate test reports based on different visitor segments. You can filter and view the data of the collected report for various visitor segments to determine which test works for specific segments of your website visitors.
  • Click Finish to run the test.
ATTENTION VWO checks for the Targeting conditions only once in any personalization test. Once a user qualifies and becomes part of the test, VWO drops a cookie into the visitor’s browser to identify repeat and new visitors. The segment condition is not checked after the first time and the user is served the same variation for all their subsequent visits for consistent user experience.

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