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How to Link Observations to Hypotheses

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After you have created observations based on the analysis of your website, it’s time to link the observations to the hypothesis that you feel can improve your website’s conversion rate.

To get started, go to Observations under Plan on the navigation menu.


On the Observations dashboard, perform the following actions:


  1. Select the observation you want to link to a hypothesis.
  2. Choose between Existing Hypothesis or New Hypothesis.
    • If you already have at least one hypothesis for this observation, select Link to Existing Hypotheses. On the pop-up that appears, search and select the hypotheses you want to link to your observation.  link-to-existing
    • If you don’t have a corresponding hypothesis in place, select New Hypothesis. To learn how to create a new Hypothesis, click here.

Now that your hypotheses are linked with your observations, the next step is to test these hypotheses out to see if they have an impact on your website’s performance. To learn how to run a test in VWO, click here.

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