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How to Integrate VWO with Classic Google Analytics

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Integrating VWO with Google Analytics (GA) Classic allows you to view your website data in GA for each variation and also filter data based on the metrics defined in GA. Integrating Classic Google Analytics with VWO involves the following steps:

  • Enable GA Integration in VWO
  • Create Custom Reports

Enable GA Integration in VWO

Enable integration for a new test

  1. Create a test in VWO.
  2. In the Finalize section, select Google Analytics under Integrate With Third-Party Products section.classic-ga-1

Enable integration for an existing test

  1. Select the test you want to integrate with GA.
  2. On the Summary page, click Settings and then select Others tab.
  3. Select Google Analytics under the Integrate With Third-Party Products section.classic-ga-2
    • Slot: This is the custom variable slot in Google Analytics that you want to use for VWO. Please note that the slot number you enter here must match the Key you select in GA. By default, VWO uses GA key Slot 4 to push its variation data. You can change the slot if required.
      ATTENTION If you have multiple tests running simultaneously in the same domain, you must use a different slot for each running test.
    • Account Prefix: If you are using more than one GA account, you can enter Account Prefix you want to integrate with VWO. Please leave the field empty if you are using a single account.

Create Custom Reports

Custom Variable slots are used to pass visitor information. VWO-GA integration uses custom variable slots to send information related to the tests, variations that your visitors access.

  1. Sign in to your GA account and then click the Reporting tab. The Users Overview page is displayed.
  2. To create a custom report for the VWO test you integrated with GA, select Add Segment.classic-ga-5
  3. Select New Segment. A new screen appears where you can configure your segment.classic-ga-6
  4. To configure conditions of the segment, select Conditions.classic-ga-7
  5. Using the Filter list, select Custom Variable (Key XX). Please note that the Key number you select must match the Slot number you entered in VWO.classic-ga-8
  6. Type the test ID of the test you want to view reports for.
  7. To view reports of the entire test, click Preview.
  8. To view specific reports of control or variation, click the AND condition and then select Custom Variable (Value XX). Make sure that the Value number matches the Key selected and the slot number you entered in VWO.
  9. Select the specific variation you want to view reports for and then click Preview.classic-ga-9

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