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How to Flush Data from a VWO Test

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Flushing VWO test data allows you to clear previous data from a test and run the test fresh again. After flushing a test data, you can make any modifications and start the test all over again.

If a visitor has already been part of the previous test, then VWO cookies are stored in the visitor’s browser. The is not tracked again and is served with the same variation as before. However, if the visitor converts during the second visit, the conversion is tracked. Thus, VWO will not track visitor data for the same user, but will record conversions if the visitor converts the second time.

For example, let us consider a visitor became part of your test (but not converted) before you flushed the data. The same visitor returns to the same test and happens to convert this time. This time, VWO will record a conversion, but not the visit because the VWO cookies are already in the browser. Thus, you may see a report that displays visitor count as Zero, and conversion as 1.

PRO-TIP We recommend that you do not flush data directly from a test and run the same again. To replicate a test, we suggest that you clone it first, flush data from it, and implement the changes to the cloned test.

Each cloned test will have a new ID and new cookies are created for all the visitors, without having to worry about tracking previous visits or conversion data.

  1. To flush test data, select the test you want to flush.
  2. In the Summary page, click on More option icon and select Flush Data on the top right-hand side of your screen.managetest-4
  3. Implement changes on the cloned test and start it again.

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