How to Create a Hypothesis

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A hypothesis is an assumption that a proposed change in your website would lead to visitors taking the action that you want them to.

In VWO, you can create a Hypothesis from any of these three sections:

  • The Hypotheses dashboard
  • The Test dashboard
  • The Observations dashboard

The Hypotheses Dashboard

  1. On the navigation bar, click Hypotheses under Planhypothesis-from-dashboard

  2. On the Hypotheses dashboard, click the Create button. create-hypothesis
  3. On the New Hypothesis pop-up, enter the hypothesis details in the respective fields.

    • Based on Observation: Enter a brief informative description of the Observation on which you have built the hypothesis .
    • I expect that: Enter a solution that you expect will solve the problem. For example, changing the colour of Sign-up button from orange to green may attract more clicks.
    • Will address: Enter the problem that you are addressing.
    • Prioritization Score: Prioritization will help you organise the multiple hypotheses in a logical order. Enter a score for each prioritizing parameter – confidence, importance, and ease. VWO will calculate the priority score for the hypothesis based on the score you provide to each parameter.To know more about prioritizing Hypothesis, click here.
    • Page URL: Enter URL of the page where you made the observation that this hypothesis is based on.
    • Attachments: Upload attachments relevant to the hypothesis.
    • Labels: Enter labels to make the Observation easily searchable.
  4. Click the Create button to finalize the Hypothesis.
  5. Star a Hypothesis to add it to your favorites.

 The Test Dashboard

  1. On the navigation bar, select the type of test you want to run for your campaign. from-tests-dashboard
  2. On the dashboard for the test-type you selected, click Createtest-dashboard-hypothesis
  3. On the New Test screen, click the Create a new hypothesis button. create-a-new-hypothesis
  4. On the New Hypothesis pop-up that appears, enter the Hypothesis details as explained above.

The Observations Dashboard


On the Observations dashboard, a new hypothesis is created when you follow the steps to link an observation to a new hypothesis. To know how to link an observation to a new hypothesis, click here.

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