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How to Create a Goal?

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Creating goals help you track different visitors activities on your website – page visits, elements click, links click, and so on. When a visitor successfully performs the actions defined in a goal, VWO records a conversion for the same.

  1. On your VWO Track dashboard, select Goal option and click Create on the right hand corner of the dashboard. create-goals
  2. Next, enter the URL where you want to set up the goal and define the audience target you want to track for the goal.audience-goal
    • All visits to the specified URL will be considered as audience for the goal and tracked by VWO, irrespective of whether they convert or do not convert for this goal. You can use the Advanced option to Include/Exclude more URLs to track the goal.
    • From amongst the visitors who land on the specified URLs, you can further define the audience segment who you want to track. For example, you may want to track visitors who land on the URL through a marketing campaign, or visitors from a particular country, and so on.You can create your custom visitor segment or select one from the default segments. To learn how to create segments, click here.
  3. Click Next to define user action for the goals you are tracking.
  4. On the New Goal screen, define the visitor actions you want to track on the website. All you need to do is select a visitor activity and specify URLs where they will be tracked. To learn more about configuring your conversion goals, click here.goals-actions
  5. Add notes and labels to help you filter the goals during a search.
  6. Click Create to finish setting up the goal. You can immediately start running the goal on the specified pages or choose to start it at a later time.

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