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How to Annotate VWO reports

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Using annotations, you can add text or links on your test reports, allowing you to comment or add notes to mark important dates or time in test reports. Adding annotations helps you revisit the reports and easily track what worked for you on which specific timeline, and what did not.

For example, let us say you are running a test to track clicks on a button (say Subscribe button) in your website. During the test, you also send out an email inviting users to click the button. Based on your email campaign, your website may see a surge in the traffic that is captured in the reports. Using annotations, you can add a comment on the reports timeline saying that you had run the email campaign that day which could have resulted in increased traffic.

After you create an annotation, a small comment icon appears below the corresponding date. You can click or hover over the icon to view an annotation.

  1. Select the test reports you want to annotate.
  2. Under Detailed Reports, select Goals option to view the reports timeline for the specific test.
  3. On the graph report, select Date Range Graph and click the + icon on the dates to add annotation.

You can add any number of annotation to your VWO test reports. To view your annotations in the reports table, click Show Annotations option just below the graphical reports. Click Hide Annotations to collapse the table.

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