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How Scalable Is VWO?

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We currently handle over a billion requests per day and are confident that we can handle another billion. We have special provisions for high traffic testing. Helping us to provide you with the best-in-class services, VWO has its servers currently located in the following countries: Japan; Australia; Singapore; Netherlands; United Kingdom; France; Germany; and West, East, and Central United States.

Deploying the multiple server architecture ensures that VWO is:

  • Scalable: As our customer base grows, we’ll keep adding more servers to any particular geographies in the world.
  • Failsafe: If any server goes down, the traffic is automatically redirected to the next nearest server.
  • Our Geo-targeting feature uses the content distribution network where different servers across the world remain in sync to serve dynamic content based on the originating URL and behavior of the visitor.

At present, we handle upto 20–25k requests per second. Let us know the scale that you are looking for, and we assure you that we will be able to handle it. We would love to understand your requirements if you have your website traffic higher than 100,000 visits per day or else simply sign up here and we will ensure you get the best out of VWO. You can check for the uptime status of the service anytime here.

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