How do I set up VWO to ignore sensitive information in recordings?

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VWO does not collect or store sensitive website information and by default ignores all password input fields and never transmits, stores, or replays what is typed. You can set up VWO to ignore sensitive information from recordings using the following ways:

  • Modify HTML code: Add the nls_protected class to the input field, and VWO will not store or transmit the field input.
    <input type="text" name="cc_number" class="nls_protected"/>
  • Modify Settings: While creating a recording, go to Advanced Settings and then select Anonymize All Key Presses. VWO won’t store or transmit any key presses for the URL(s).
  • Anonymize non-input fields: Add “nls_protected” class to any html tag to anonymize non-input fields. By default, VWO anonymizes all key presses. HTML tags with protected class will mask the content with special characters and prevent it from displaying sensitive website information.

For any assistance on changing the settings, please reach out to VWO support.

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