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Troubleshooting: Heatmap Report Not Loading

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When I try to load the page that I am running the heatmap on, it either loads with broken content or heatmap throws an error.

Resolution Steps

  • Clear existing cookies from your browser and try again.
  • Add VWO Smart Code directly on the web pages and not through proxy. If VWO SmartCode is not installed on the test pages, VWO tries to open the heatmap report using proxy. Due to this, the report may not load properly as there could be issues in fetching CSS/JavaScript files, completing AJAX requests, and so on. Add the smart code on the test pages and try again.
  • The error may occur because the X-frame header is set to SAME_ORIGIN on your website’s backend. You can ask your developer to add conditions to allow VWO server to bypass the X-frame header settings.
  • If you have created a test for one device-type (for example, an iPhone or iPad) and you try to view the heatmap report on another device-type (say, desktop), VWO will use proxy settings to load view and the heatmap report may not load. Please contact VWO support at for help on resolving such issues.
  • Heatmap reports are generated for default test URL. Please ensure that you use the exact URL for the heatmaps.
  • Make sure that you have not installed Javascript blockers like AdBlocker with custom settings. If you have installed a JavaScript blocker plugin, ensure that the VWO requests (coming from are not blocked.
  • Enable third-party cookies in your browser settings. When creating test, VWO drops cookies from to Since the cookies in your website are created from, your website pages may fail to load if third-party cookies are disabled in the browser settings. Using the browser settings option, you can block the third party cookies but create an exception for these two domains. Click here to know how to enable or disable third-party cookies in your browser settings.

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