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Installing VWO plug-ins for your Drupal sites helps you create and run VWO tests without writing a single line of code for integration. When the plug-in is integrated, you can create unlimited number of tests from VWO without any page tagging.

Downloading the Plug-In

Download the plug-in here and unzip it.

Configuring Drupal

  1. Login to Drupal’s admin panel and navigate to the Modules section.
  2. Click Install new module.drupal-vwo
  3. On the next page, upload the VWO plugin downloaded earlier and click Install.drupal-vwo1
  4. Once the plugin is installed, you will see the successful installation message. On this page, click Enable newly added modules.drupal-vwo2
  5. Select the check-box next to the Visual Website Optimizer module and then click Save configuration. The VWO module will now be installed.drupal-vwo3
  6. After you install the module, a message displays asking you to configure your VWO plug-in.drupal-vwo4
  7. Follow the link and enter your VWO account ID in the VWO ID Number filed.drupal-vwo5
  8. Click Save configuration. Your website is now integrated with VWO, and you are all set to create VWO tests.

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