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Troubleshooting: Difference in Reports Data Even When Control and Variation are Same

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When I check the reports for the Control and Variation versions of my website, they are different despite the fact that both the versions are same.

Resolution Steps

Typically, VWO campaigns help you to compare between different versions of your web pages and determine the statistical significance of the changes implemented. Unless the statistical differences are huge, you can simply ignore the results. The minor differences in the results data could be because of the way VWO randomly redirects your website traffic between control and variations. For example, during the initial stage of a campaign, you may notice that a variation has 10% conversion rate while the control has 8% conversion rate. As you test more traffic, this difference should come down and the conversion rate will be same.

Consider the following actions if you get different results for the same control and variation:

  • Do not only consider the number of visitors landing on your test page, but statistical significance too. If the difference is insignificant, avoid reading too much into the campaign results
  • Run the campaign for at least 7 days to get more insight into the statistical differences
  • If you still doubt the results, try changing the Winning Threshold Value to 99% and run the campaign again for another 7 days.

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