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CS Cart

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CS Cart is a platform to create and host your online ecommerce store. Integrating your CS cart website with VWO allows you to A/B test the website and identify optimization opportunities to improve the conversion rate.

To integrate VWO with CS Cart, add the VWO Smart Code snippet to the CS cart website, using the administrator panel.

  • Sign in to your CS cart account administrator panel, and then select Design > Templates.
  • Under responsive, click templates, and then select the index.tpl file.

  • Open the index.tpl file and add the {literal} {/literal} tag after {include file=”meta.tpl”}. Next, add the VWO code within the literal tags. You can copy the Smart Code by signing in to your VWO account and go to Smart Code tab under Settings.
  • Click Save changes. The VWO code should be updated for the entire website.

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