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Personalize your campaign using VWO

Monday, December 23, 2013

VWO Targeting feature enables you to decide who can be part of the test campaign. Targeting allows you to personalize content for the target user group thereby enhancing the overall customer experience with your website. You can create a targeting campaign based on your user location, the device used by the visitors, whether a visitor is landing to your website for the first time, and so on.

For example, let us consider that most of your customers are spread across Europe and North America region. You want to create a promotional offer for your European customers only. With VWO targeting feature, you can create a variation for the promotional offer that will only be accessed by the traffic originating from Europe region.

personalization campaign

Follow these steps to create a personalization campaign for websites using VWO :

  1. In the Select a Campaign Type page, click Personalization. The Campaign URLs page opens.
  2. In the Campaign URLs page, perform the following actions:
    • Enter URL/pattern/regexp of the web pages you want to run the campaign. Click here to know how to specify URLs to run your campaign.
    • Click Include URL to add more URL/pattern/regexp to run the campaign
    • Click Exclude URL to exclude running the campaign from a page
    • Enter Primary URL for the campaign. A primary URL is not used in the actual campaign, but indicates the page you want to load in the VWO campaign builder (visual editor) or to capture screenshots for the campaign. Click here to learn more about primary URL.
    • Enable Target Campaign to Specific Visitor Group option to target the campaign to a visitor segment. In the segment selector panel that opens, select a saved segment or create a new segment to target the campaign. Click here to know how to create segment for targeting a campaign.
    • Click Next to proceed. VWO campaign builder (visual editor) opens. Please note that the URL you specified in the Primary URL field loads into the campaign builder
  3. Using the VWO campaign builder, modify your test pages and create different variations of the web pages to test. Click here to know the features and functions in VWO Campaign builder.
  4. In the Targeting page, specify the visitor segment you want to target for each variation in the campaign. Click here to know how to target variations to visitor segment for a campaign.
  5. In the Conversion Goals page, define what user action you want to track on the pages where you are running the campaign. Click here to know how to define goals for a campaign.
  6. Click here to know more about the types of conversion goals in VWO and how they work.

  7. After defining the conversion goals for the campaign, click Next to personalize the campaign for your requirements.
  8. In the Campaign Settings page complete the following actions:
    • Enter name, description, and labels for the campaign.
    • Specify traffic percentage you want to include the campaign
    • Enable heatmap to generate a visual report on the most clicked or ignored sections of your test pages
    • Enable integration with third party tools
    • Under the Advanced Options section, enable the scheduling option to run or stop the test automatically at a specified time. Click here to know more details on how to schedule a campaign.
    • Enable multiple domains access for the campaign. Click here to know how to run a campaign across multiple domains.
    • Enter the traffic percentage you would want to divert to each variation in your campaign. Enable the Divide custom traffic among variations option and specify the traffic percentage you want for each variation in the campaign.
    • Enable the self host the code option if you want to host the JavaScript files on your own server. Click here to know how to host your JavaScript files on your server.
  9. Click Finish to run the campaign.
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