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Create Heatmap & Clickmap using VWO

Monday, December 23, 2013

Heatmap or clickmap campaign lets you track user activity on your website. Heatmap tracks all clicks on the webpage (heading, images, buttons, or any other elements). Tracking heatmap allows you to understand how certain elements could be misunderstood as a clickable item by the users. On the other hand, clickmap tracks the exact number of clicks on a particular link. Clickmap campaign helps you track how many visitors click a particular link on the page.

For example, let us consider that your website’s product details page has two Add to Cart buttons (one above the product image, and other below the image). A heatmap and clickmap campaign will enable you to find out which Add to Cart button do your user click more.

heatmap campaign

Follow these steps to generate a heatmap report for your website pages:

  1. Log in to VWO dashboard and then select Create.
  2. Select Website Campaigns option and click the Heatmap & Clickmap option from campaign type page.
  3. Enter URLs of the webpages where you want to track conversion. Click here to know how to specify URLs for your test pages.
  4. enter campaign urls
  5. In the Campaign Settings page, configure the different options you want to set for the heatmap campaign.
  6. Click Finish to start the campaign.

VWO will now start creating the heatmap reports for the specific URLs. You can view the reports from VWO reports section.

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