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What Is VWO Conversion Optimization Platform?

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VWO Conversion Optimization Platform is an all-in-one data analytics, research, and testing suite to optimize your websites and applications to achieve the desired goal. You can use the platform to create a repeatable and data-driven process for analyzing visitor data, understanding user behavior, and implementing and testing different ideas for improving your website conversion.

VWO Conversion Optimization Platform is an evolution from the standard Web Testing product to a process-oriented platform that provides end-to-end support and capabilities for building a comprehensive conversion optimization roadmap for your organization. To compare features and pricing for different plans, click here.

  • Track: Collect website data by tracking visitors actions and user journeys on the website. Using goals and funnels, you can track elements, buttons, links, and pages, and track user journey on your website. Analyzing the metrics will help you understand how visitors flow through your website, establish baselines, and monitor usage and drop-off data.
  • Analyze: Understand different visitor actions like, why visitors click a button, leave a page, abandon a shopping cart, or exit funnels. Use qualitative analytics process and tools to collect data through heatmaps, visitor recordings, surveys, and form analytics.
  • Plan: Make observations and record your findings from the track and analyze steps. Research the observations and collaborate with your team to brainstorm ideas to test and build hypotheses. For example, your observations show that many visitors are ignoring a CTA button on the website. Based on the observation, you can build a hypothesis “Based on the observation that many visitors are ignoring the Subscribe button, I expect that making changes to the CTA will address the problem of visitors missing the click button.”
  • Test: Put your hypotheses to test and see which ones lead to increased revenue, sign-ups, and goal completions. You can A/B test your website and mobile applications including split URL and MVT tests. For example, based on our hypothesis, you can modify the button and run A/B tests for different sizes, text, colors, positions, or shapes. Your test results and conversion data will prove how valid the hypothesis was and add learning points to help you build more ideas for optimizing conversions.
  • Target: Deliver personalized content to your custom-defined visitor segments based on their preferences. You can use the understanding from your visitor data to target a particular demographic or visitor section based on the specific needs of the visitor segments.

As a VWO user, you can create and manage your optimization roadmap by using VWO’s connected platform. You can see a complete picture of your optimization journey and data-supported evidence for any changes implemented on your website. As a continuous improvement process, the connected platform helps you make data-driven decisions for implementing or rejecting any changes on your websites.

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