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comScore Digital Analytix

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Integrating VWO with comScore allows you to push and monitor your VWO test data using comScore Digital Analytix. 

The end-to-end process of integrating comScore with VWO involves the following steps:

  1. Adding Integration Code
  2. Creating Custom Labels

Adding Integration Code

For this integration, add a VWO code snippet on the pages where you want to track visitors. Please note that integration code is different from VWO Smart Code that you add across your VWO test pages. You must add the comScore integration code snippet to the web pages in addition to VWO code snippet.

ATTENTION VWO integration with comScore Digital Analytix works only with the synchronous version of VWO Smart Code. Please ensure that you add VWO synchronous smart code to your test pages.

Add the following code snippet to the pages where your test are running.

<script type='text/javascript'>
var vwo_mvt_id, vwo_mvt_var;
try {
var combination = _vis_opt_readCookie('_vis_opt_exp'+_vis_opt_experiment_id+'_combi');
if (typeof(_vwo_exp[_vis_opt_experiment_id].combination_chosen) != "undefined")
_combination = _vwo_exp[_vis_opt_experiment_id].combination_chosen;
if (typeof(_vis_opt_comb_name[_combination]) != "undefined") {
vwo_mvt_id = _vis_opt_experiment_id;
vwo_mvt_var = _vis_opt_comb_name[_combination];
catch(err) {}

The vwo_mvt_id and vwo_mvt_var variables in the code snippet store Test ID and Variation name respectively.

Creating Custom Labels

  1. After you have added the code snippet to your test pages, create custom labels to add the variables (vwo_mvt_id and vwo_mvt_var) to the comScore Digital Analytix measurement URL. Add the following variables to each Digital Analytix measurement URL, using the following custom labels:
    • ns_m_exp – Identifies the experiment
    • ns_m_chs – Identifies the variation
  2. Make sure that both the labels are added to each measurement for accurate reporting.? The following are some examples:
    • Measurement Domain
    •”+ vwo_mvt_id + “&ns_m_chs=” + vwo_mvt_var+”
    • Measurement Domain
    •”+ vwo_mvt_id + “&ns_m_chs=” + vwo_mvt_var+”?
      ATTENTION If you want to hide the measurement parameters, include type=hidden in the measurement URL.

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