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Yes, Testing and Conversion Optimization Platform are two different products, with different pricing and features.

Testing is primarily built for teams that focuses more on running different optimization Tests on their website. VWO Testing tools include A/B, MVT, Split URL Testing, Heatmaps, Clickmaps, Conversion Tracking and Personalization.

Conversion Optimization Platform  is meant for teams focused on research-driven testing approaches. Using the platform, you can set optimization baselines for your websites, analyze visitors behavior on the website, create testing ideas and hypotheses, and put your ideas to test. Conversion optimization capabilities include Goals, Funnels, Heatmaps, Recordings, Form analytics, Surveys, A/B, MVT, Split URL Testing and Personalization.

For a detailed comparison of features checkout this link.

As VWO evolves from being an A/B Testing Solution to an all-in-one Conversion Optimization Platform, we are offering all existing VWO users a 30-days free evaluation period to try out the new platform, at no additional cost.

VWO as a  Conversion Optimization platform is  an integrated tool that brings together all your optimization efforts, right from visitor research to A/B testing, at one place.

Opting into evaluation will not impact your current running Tests in any way. But there are a few changes that you can expect in your workflow if you opt-in to evaluate the platform or eventually upgrade to the platform. Refer to this link for details on what happens when you move from Testing to Conversion Optimization Platform.

At the end of your 30 day evaluation period you are free to either upgrade to Conversion Optimization Platform or continue to stay on your current Testing plan. In case you decide to stay on your Testing plan, no additional action would be needed from your end.

If for any reason you wish to opt out before your 30 day evaluation ends, you can write to us at

Yes, by default when you opt in for the evaluation it is enabled for all your sub accounts.

If you do not wish to upgrade to the new platform, the data collected will automatically expire in a rolling 30 day window.

No, the evaluation of the platform is completely free. For all your testing and personalization campaigns you will continue to consume the visitor quota you have already paid for. For the data collected in the new capabilities there will be no additional charges.

It is completely up to you if you want to try the new platform. You can continue to use Testing product as per your current plan and pricing, if you do not wish to move or evaluate the new platform.

Yes, the Conversion Optimization platform will have new plans and pricing. You can access the pricing page by clicking here or you contact our team at for further information.

No, there is absolutely no change required to the VWO tracking code on your website to try the new platform.

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