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Troubleshooting: Changes Aren’t Appearing on a Specific Browser

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I have set up a campaign, but its live preview looks different on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. On specific browsers, the changes do not appear at all.

Resolution Steps

If the CSS selector path of the modified element is not the same on all browsers

For VWO to be able to locate the modified element, its CSS selector path should be the same across all browsers. To ensure this, use code editor to add a custom JS or CSS code for implementing the change to this specific element:splittest-ts3

If changes are made using JS, but some specific JS function is not supported by the browser

If, say, you use the property in JS and it works on all browsers except Internet Explorer (IE). Find a corresponding JS function on the web that applies the same change on IE and then add it through the code editor, using a user agent check. You may need to consult your development team for applying this code check. If it still doesn’t work, contact our support team for assistance.

Note: Such issues are often encountered with IE due to the way it applies the changes. For example, if you have a duplicate CSS selector ID (by definition, the ID should be unique), changes would either be partially applied or not applied at all in IE, because it will ignore the attempt to access the duplicate CSS selector ID. Browsers such as Firefox and Chrome grab the first ID and continue applying the change on the same page.

If changes do not appear because of the VWO code timing out

In case of a time-out, a visitor will only see the control version and the visit is not tracked in the campaign. Increasing the time-out values in the VWO tracking code (Async code) may help.

To increase the time-out values, change the values of settings_tolerance and library_tolerance parameters of the VWO code, as shown in following screenshot:splittest-ts4

By default, the time-out values for the two parameters are 2000 and 2500 milliseconds, respectively. You can double the time-out values to 4000 and 5000 milliseconds to counter issues like slow Internet connections or incompatible IE browser.

If your browser (IE) does not allow setting up a cookie for two-letter domains

If you need to set up a campaign to run on http://www.ab.xz, it will not work on IE; because it does not allow any cookie to be set for such domains. As VWO also uses cookies for tracking, the campaign will not work on IE.

For this issue, place the following code snippet before the VWO tracking code on your webpage. This step explicitly sets up the domain for the VWO code. Thereafter, the campaigns will work on IE as well.


var _vis_opt_domain= "www.ab.xz";


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