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Can I trigger a survey when a visitor converts for an existing goal in VWO?

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Yes. Using custom trigger, you can display a survey to a visitor if they convert for an existing goal in VWO. You can use the following code in the custom trigger to display survey if a goal is converted for an existing campaign in VWO. 

function() { window.VWO = window.VWO || []; VWO.push(['onGoalTrigger', CAMPAIGN_ID, GOAL_ID, function () { executeTrigger(); }]) }

Replace CAMPAIGN_ID   and  GOAL_ID   with your campaign id, goal id and variation id. Goal ids are available in report against each goal name. So goal G1 has a goal id of 1, goal G2 has an id of 2, and so on. Variations ids too, are available in the report against the variation names. So variation v1 has a variation id of v2 (Control has the variation id of 1), and so on.

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