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Can I Run Multiple Tests Simultaneously across a Website Funnel?

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Yes, multiple campaigns can be run simultaneously across a website funnel. Here are the two scenarios for this case:

  1. Running different campaigns on different steps of the funnel so that no two campaigns are running at the same time on the same page. This setup will run smoothly, because the settings will be loaded separately for different pages, not causing any mismatch. There are two ways to do it:
    • Use VWO cookies to set up a funnel test across multiple pages. To learn more about how to implement a change across your website funnel, click here.
    • Run a single campaign across all the pages by making changes to those pages while you go through them, using the campaign builder.
  2. Running multiple campaigns on the same page(s) at the same time. To run this setup, ensure that the changes made from within the campaign builder are not made to the same or overlapping elements. If the changes are made to the same element, then the campaigns may conflict with each other.

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