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Integrating VWO with Bizible allows you to push your VWO tests data into Salesforce. Bizible integrates with Salesforce and help organizations to track their sales and marketing activities. After integrating VWO with Bizible, you can track your VWO test data and determine the business impact of each test.
Follow these steps to integrate VWO with Bizible:

  1. Make sure you are using Bizible v2.25 or above. Click here to download Bizible v2.25.
  2. Select the Leads tab, and click Go to view all your open leads.vwo-bizible-integration
  3. Edit the lead page layout and add Bizible ABTests from the Related Lists section
  4. Click the Settings icon to make the changes.

  5. Under Column section, remove “Id” field and add Experiment, Variation, and Date Reported fields under Selected Fields.
  6. Change “Sort By” to Date Reported and select Descending.relatedlist_biziblevwo
  7. Under Buttons, uncheck New option.bizible3-final
  8. Go to your VWO dashboard, then pause and restart your tests if they are already running. The integration is complete and you can now monitor your VWO reports data using Bizible.

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