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AT Internet provides advanced analytics for websites, mobile pages, and intranet helping clients to optimize their digital performance. If you use the AT Internet Analytics suite on your website, you can integrate VWO to create and run tests on your website and mobile sites. With the integration, you will be able to view reports and analytics details for your website visitors who became a part of your VWO tests.

To integrate AT Internet with VWO, perform these steps:

  1. Add tracking code to test pages.
  2. View the results in the AT Internet dashboard.

Adding Tracking Code to Test Pages

Add the following code snippet on all website pages, after the AT-Internet smart tag. You can also add the code snippet to the the website by using Tag Manager. The snippet works with both Synchronous and Asynchronous code of VWO.

<script type="text/javascript">

   (function () {

 window.ATInternet = window.ATInternet || {};

 window.ATInternet.Callbacks = window.ATInternet.Callbacks || {};

 window.ATInternet.Callbacks.VWO = window.ATInternet.Callbacks.VWO || function (tag) {

   window.VWO.push(['onVariationApplied', function (data) {

     if (!data) {



     var expId = data[1], variationId = data[2];

     if (typeof(_vwo_exp[expId].comb_n[variationId]) !== 'undefined' && ['VISUAL_AB', 'VISUAL', 'SPLIT_URL', 'SURVEY'].indexOf(_vwo_exp[expId].type) > -1) {


         test: '[VWO_Test_ID_' + expId + ']',

         creation: '[' + _vwo_exp[expId].comb_n[variationId] + ']'






 window.ATInternet.Utils = window.ATInternet.Utils || { dispatchCallbackEvent: function () {} };




Viewing the Results in the AT-Internet Dashboard

After adding the tracking code, check the TEST (MVTESTING) and CREATIONS (MVTESTING) dimensions inside the AT Internet reports dashboard. The TEST(MVTESTING) dimension will have VWO_Test_ID_# (where # is the test Id). Under the CREATIONS (MVTESTING) dimension, you will find the variation names displayed for the visitors inside the test. For example, VWO_Test_ID_24 has two variation names corresponding to it.

Locate Your VWO Test ID

Follow these steps to view the Test ID in the VWO dashboard:

  1. Select the test for which you want to view the Test Id.
  2. On the test details page, select Settings > Summary.
  3. To view Campaign ID, go to the Other Information section of the page.

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