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VWO provides a manual event by which we can track any form. Use nls_fa_name if the form does not have a id or name, and use nls_fa_el_name if the form field doesn’t have an id or name.

Example <form nls_fa_name=“dummy-form-name”></form>

The nls_fa_el_name attribute does not work for non-input elements. It works only for the <input>, <select>, and <textarea> tags.

The form submissions are tracked based on the form submit event. If the form submit event is triggered on clicking Submit, then the submissions and ignored fields are successfully tracked.

You may have same fields within a form that use different id or name attributes based on an end user or a setting. You can track these dynamic fields as one field by assigning the attributenls_fa_el_name to these, using the same name/identifier for each field.

ATTENTION Currently, VWO does not support tracking custom elements.

VWO tracks forms by either the id or name property inside the <form> tag.

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