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Add VWO smart code to your website

Monday, January 6, 2014

To run a test campaign on your website using VWO, you must first add the VWO Smart code on all pages you want to test. VWO Smart code is an automatically generated tracking code snippet that you can add to the web pages you want to test. We recommend that you put the code in all pages of your website (if the website uses template based headers and footers). Adding the code across all your website pages lets you create and run the test on any page without adding the code every time you want to run a test. Adding VWO tracking code to your website pages is a one-time process and will work for multiple tests as long the tracking code is available on the page.

Follow these steps to add VWO Smart Code on your test webpage:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and select Smart Code.

  2. In the block containing Smart Code, VWO provides two different types of code:
    • Asynchronous code: Reduces page load time as the smart code is downloaded along with the site code. It also ensures that your site is never slowed down even if our servers are inaccessible.

      Important: DO NOT use Asynchronous code if you are running a Split URL test on website with exit popups. Since asynchronous code executes in parallel with your website code, users might see an exit popup on redirection rather than seeing the variation.

    • Synchronous code: The code type executes line by line, one line at a time and is more likely to slow the performance of your website.
  1. Select and copy the smart code.
  2. If you need to consult a technician to add the code to your website, click Send to Developer to email the code snippet.
  3. In your website pages, paste the Smart Code snippet between the <head></head> tags of the page.
  4. Example of where to insert the code.

     ... your website's head content ...
     VWO code goes here
     ..... your website content ....


It is not recommended to install VWO code through tag managers such as Google Tag Manager. By default, all tag managers load VWO code asynchronously, which may cause page flicker on the campaign pages. Also, using tag managers may lead to delayed loading of VWO code, which can cause time-out issues and prevent visitors from becoming part of the campaign.

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