Voice of Customer (VoC) Report 2020: How Businesses Use Website Surveys

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For businesses to thrive in this age of customer-centricity, it is imperative to meticulously collect customer feedback about their experiences to better understand their preferences and expectations. Website surveys have emerged as a powerful tool in helping marketers uncover the Voice of Customers so they can shape fruitful optimization strategies. However, to successfully do so, there are multiple aspects one can experiment with to create valuable surveys that yield actionable insights. 


This report sheds light on the popular trends and visitor preferences discovered from studying how VWO customers from more than 90 countries across the globe leveraged website surveys to gather customer feedback in 2019.


Includes Overall and Industry-Specific Insights on: 

  • Survey Triggers Used
  • Position of the Survey
  • Number of Questions Asked per Survey
  • Type of Question Formats Used


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