A/B testing will evolve

Paras Chopra


I’m Paras Chopra, CEO of Wingify. In 2009, I unveiled Visual Website Optimizer, an extremely simple tool that democratized A/B testing for the web. People called it a killer app, and the answer to all conversion optimization frustrations. Honestly, I never thought my simple ‘experiment’ would have such far-reaching effects. As a 22 year-old, all I wanted was to make A/B testing wickedly easy.

That dream has been fulfilled and, today, Visual Website Optimizer is synonymous with easy A/B testing.

Took me literally 10 minutes to set up A/B Test using visualwebsiteoptimizer.com! Awesome tool @wingify #lean #startup

Ramli John

I’ve been a strong proponent of quick and easy A/B testing where a small change in a website leads to increase in conversions. However, now I realize that tactical A/B testing isn’t the best way to optimize your website or apps. It’s great for proving a point, or just quickly testing hunches, and it works when it does, but it doesn’t get the remarkable results people hope for, unless backed by an optimization strategy.

Optimization strategy essentially means that you go about increasing sales and conversions on your website in a methodical way. What gets long-term revenue growth is repeated experimentation that starts with research and analysis (instead of hunches) and ends with a real finding or an improvement.

Scientists and engineers have been using the scientific method of research-based experimentation for hundreds of years to make the world a better place. With VWO, we want to bring that philosophy to the world of marketing.

You should be able to launch a new well-researched experiment on your website every day.

Tools can actually impact the way we think. Consider how Internet changed the way not just how you work, but how you think. Now imagine how VWO’s process-oriented, consistent culture of experimentation could fundamentally change the way your business grows.

Through VWO, you will gain new insights about what works for your users and customers. Experiments will become a natural way of your thinking and deciding. Continual improvements in your conversion rate will not only improve customer experience significantly, it will also increase revenue month after month.

Think like a marketer, execute like a scientist.

It's a shift in our ideology and hence Visual Website Optimizer deserves a reboot.

On behalf of the entire team,
Paras Chopra

VWO will launch on 29th April 2014