VWO Insights vs ContentSquare: Get Methodical With Conversion Rate Optimization

ContentSquare helps you get analytics into how and why visitors are behaving on your website or mobile app. VWO goes a mile ahead by letting you test your hypothesis to improve conversion rates, user experience, and more.

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VWO Insights

Combine multiple behavioral analytics tools to diagnose problems in your visitors’ experiences.

2500+ high growth brands across 90+ countries use VWO

VWO Platform helps me quickly and easily find conversion optimization wins that I can standardize across our whole enterprise. I don’t like to use the phrase “best practice” unless I can prove it, and my proof is in the data provided by VWO. Brandon Gentry
Director, User Experience, Warner Music Group

A Connected CRO Platform

With VWO Insights’s powerful connectivity flowing across the entire platform, you will always be able to view a complete picture of your optimization journey. At any point in time, if you see any new element on your website, you will have supporting data on why that element was added, what was the test associated with it, the reason behind the hypothesis along with data insights that backed the hypothesis.

Keep An Eye On Your Business Goals In Addition To Tracking Funnels

VWO Insights allows you to keep a close eye on your KPIs with the help of goals leading to conversion funnels, as compared to other tools, that only provide the ability to track funnels.

Analyze Visitor Behavior Till The Last Mile

With VWO Insights, you can analyze your visitor behavior using powerful tools such as Scrollmaps, Form Analytics, Surveys, and much more. Whereas other services offer you only limited options to do so.

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Yes No
Behavior Targeting Yes No
Custom targeting Yes No
Yes No
Custom dimensions Yes No
No. of domains
Unlimited -
24x7 support
Enterprise plans -
Yes -
Yes -
Self Hosting
Yes -
Business Goals
Yes Yes
Single-page apps support
Yes Yes
User permissions
Yes Yes
Idea factory
Yes No
Yes No
Survey Logic Yes No
Question bank Yes No
Variation targeted surveys Yes No
Custom triggers Yes No
NPS Yes No
Recordings of respondents Yes No
Themes and customisation Yes No
Yes Yes
Browsable heatmaps Yes Yes
Clickmaps and area stats Yes Yes
Element list Yes No
Heatmap of test variations Yes No
Heatmap views Yes No
Yes Yes
Recordings of variations Yes No
Tagging Yes Yes
Adjust playback speed Yes Yes
Skip idle time Yes Yes
Save recordings Yes No
Recording views Yes No
Yes No
Form performance tracking Yes No
Field level analytics Yes No
Interaction time Yes No
Hesitation time Yes No
Refilled Yes No
Ignored Yes No
Dropped Yes No
Yes Yes
Drop-off analysis Yes Yes
Insights integration
No AB Testing, 3rd party analytics, tag managers

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