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[Webinar] 10 Conversion Killers and How to Fight Them

In our first webinar this year, we teamed up with GetResponse to talk about 10 critical reasons why you could be losing out on conversions. The webinar was focused on identifying the current common mistakes and pitfalls across marketing emails and landing pages, and ways to overcome them.

Landing pages and emails often go hand to hand in various marketing campaigns for many businesses. In order for the marketing campaigns to succeed, it’s essential that your emails and landing pages offer your users a seamless experience. This webinar will help you do just that.

The webinar was presented by Siddharth Deswal (Senior Marketer, VWO) and Karolina Kurcwald (Social Media and Content Marketing Manager, GetResponse).

Key Takeaways

These are the following takeaways you can expect from the webinar:

  1. Identifying the top 10 conversion killers for email campaigns and landing pages.
  2. Data based hacks to counter low conversion rates.
  3. Maintaining the perfect conversation momentum between email and landing page.
  4. A roadmap so you can start and execute this process within your business.

Below is the presentation slide deck used for the webinar:

Here is the full recording of the webinar:


Your Thoughts?

How useful did you find the webinar? Would you like to add something of your own? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


Nitin is a traveler, a cinephile, and a webaholic. (He just can't get enough of cat videos!) Professionally, Nitin is a marketer at VWO, who loves to write about Conversion Optimization. Find him on Twitter: @NitinDeshdeep

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