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[Giveaway] Free Expert Evaluation for an E-Commerce Website: Powered By Concept Feedback

In A/B testing, we often get stuck on what to test and how to prioritize hypotheses. This step of testing is one of the most critical and quite often, the toughest. Hypotheses are not easy to come up with; it requires a good amount of experience to identify what’s going wrong on the website and how to rectify it.

In its pursuit of making this step simpler, VWO had earlier developed IdeaFactory, a repository of categorized A/B testing ideas. Now, with the acquisition of Concept Feedback, VWO customers can also start availing expert reviews at $119 per review.

What is an Expert Review?

An expert review is a quick and efficient way to identify aspects of a website that are possibly distracting your visitors or adding friction to your conversion funnel. The design/usability/ strategy experts conducting the review of your website will point out the problems and provide recommendations based on their extensive experience in understanding user behavior.

The Giveaway

In association with Concept Feedback, we are offering expert evaluation of one website for free! The giveaway will accept entries till 12 PM GMT, 28th April.

Can I Submit My Website?

We’re accepting entries from e-commerce websites for this contest. One website will be selected from the entries received and be reviewed at the end of the contest. Check the end of this post to submit your website.

Who Will Be Doing The Review?


Tom Charde, a strategy expert on Concept Feedback, would be reviewing the shortlisted website. Tom is the Director of User Experience at 5ivecanons. He is an integrated-marketing practitioner, information architect, and UX strategist based out of Jacksonville, Florida. In the last 20 years, he has helped several companies build their brands, craft messaging and create engaging customer experience.

What will the review look like?

In this special review, Tom will look at your website’s conversion flow to figure where it might be leaking money and visitors. This analysis will specifically focus on one poorly performing page to increase conversions, while providing general feedback on the entire funnel.

Description (1)

Please note that website submissions for the giveaway will be accepted till 12 PM GMT, 28th April. Once this time window closes, an e-commerce website will be selected to be reviewed by Tom. We will also be publishing a follow-up blog post which will contain details of the Tom’s analysis.  So stay hooked.

How can I submit my site?

Submitting your site is a simple 2 step process-

  1. Login with your Facebook/ Twitter/ email account.
  2. Enter the website url in the format

TIP: Increase your chances of getting selected by performing some simple steps (don’t worry, you’ll be prompted) after submitting the URL.

e-commerce website review giveaway

[Update] We have a published the review for everyone to read, as promised. Check it out here.

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