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Visual Website Optimizer – first major update

In the past two weeks, we have had some amazing feedback, praises, bug reports and request for new features. Currently, a lot of users are running tests live on their websites and the most frequent feedback that we hear is that Visual Website Optimizer is a pleasure to use 🙂 Well, making A/B split testing a dead-simple (yet super-effective) task is my mission and it looks like we are moving in the right direction. A BIG THANK YOU for everybody who took time to write feedback. Much appreciated!

Based on the feedback, we have updated Visual Website Optimizer with following new features:

  • Support for non-English websites – websites written in any language are now supported by Visual Website Optimizer. We thank Morten and his blog readers for asking me to support Danish; it ultimately resulted in support for ALL languages.
  • Editing Test – another feedback that we got was that test once created cannot be edited, which isn’t great as a lot of people may want to tweak it before hitting the start button. Fair enough and a very valid point. Now onwards, after creating a test you will see an option to edit the test which enables to add/delete/modify sections and variations.
  • Sharing code instructions with developers – now you can share instructions for adding code to your website with your IT team using a simple link. This was based on feedback that it isn’t easy to give instructions to someone else if you aren’t adding the code to the website yourself.
  • Updated FAQ – we have updated FAQ to include information on how VWO works and answered concerns on security, scalability, page load and SEO impact.
  • A lot of other tiny bug fixes

We hope you like the new updates.  Moving onward into the brand-new next year, I am considering working on adding a host of innovative features to VWO. Leave a comment to tell me which amongst the following would you like us to work on first:

  • Google Analytics plugin – a small plugin to integrate VWO with GA so that you can see complete statistics on your visitors who saw one version as compared to the other version of test page.
  • Clickmaps/Heatmaps – a new feature which will show where are your visitors clicking on the page. Very effective in getting to know that visitors are clicking on some text/headline which you haven’t hyperlinked hence it is a lost opportunity.
  • Landing Page expert system – a new feature based on best practices which will gauge the effectiveness of your landing page through a series of questions and answers
  • Intelligent Alerts – a feature that will alert you through email when a winning variation is found. It will also alert you when your average conversion rate falls below conversion rate of control so that you can stop the test and prevent possible loss of revenue.
  • Any other feature you desire –above ideas aren’t necessarily the only ones I am considering, so feel free to suggest other features you think would make VWO a better tool

Please leave a comment below to tell us what features you think Visual Website Optimizer should have next. We plan to develop this tool based completely on users’ feedback so your reply is very important to us.

Founder and Chairman of Wingify.

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