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Video Tutorial: Landing Page Optimization through Multivariate Testing in just 4 minutes

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth laboring through hundreds of documentation pages and forum threads. The following video shows how to create a multivariate test using Visual Website Optimizer in well under 4 minutes.  The short tutorial is a must watch if you have heard about multivariate testing in articles/blogs; and always wondered what exactly is it. Even if you haven’t heard about multivariate testing, don’t worry – this tutorial with demystify that. Basically, multivariate testing is a technique where you vary several elements on your page to see which version results in maximum conversions (that is, form submissions in this case).  A successful multivariate test can often result in 50-100% increase in conversions (case study to come out soon).

Without any further blabbering, here is your video tutorial on multivariate testing (click Play to start the video):

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  1. Page tagging typically tracks what a visitor viewed on the website and for how long that visitor remained on the site together with any click or conversion related actions performed.

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