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on Conversion Rate Optimization

Get Hands on With the New VWO Code Editor

We’re passionate about making the process of setting up A/B testing campaigns as simple as possible. Visual editor in VWO has been enabling you to create simple campaigns in minutes without any hassle. This works well for a majority of our users. However, our power users have always asked for a more flexible way to […]

New VWO code snippet: cleaner, faster, easier

Today we’ve released a change in Visual Website Optimizer code snippet that will make the process of integrating VWO to your website a lot easier! As you will see, the change is a significant improvement over the previous code snippet and we recommend you to update it on your website as soon as possible to […]

Announcing Visual Website Optimizer API

Visual Website Optimizer API was privately announced to select users long time back but today we are happy to announce it to general public too. The API lets you pull complete test results into your internal dashboards. Results are returned for all test goals and include confidence levels, hits and conversions. amongst other metrics. The […]

Launch of Paid Plans and Limited Time Offer

Visual Website Optimizer is finally out of beta! It has been five months since we first announced the beta, but with all new features and bug fixes etc. it feels like an incredibly short period. We also announced the pricing plans. There has been a lot of research gone into it, did various iterations of […]

Bunch of small, new features in Visual Website Optimizer

In the last two days, we have released a bunch of small, unrelated new features in Visual Website Optimizer. Here they are: Exclusion of IPs: this was a much-requested feature to be able to exclude certain office IPs from getting tracked during tests. This wasn’t previously possible and hence caused some bias in the test […]


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